Bombay Radical Artificial Humanist Media Arts Nexus (BRAHMAN) is the ultimate reality of being and the eternal cosmic principle of the universal self.

The Nexus is a self-organized university with community coordination and support. Workshops. Yoga. Art tech study. Gardening.

It's free. Shelter will be provided, along with some trailers and communal spaces, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a bunch of electric unicycles. You just have to get yourself here.

The catch is this program is experimental and it's the first time we've tried it. Accomodations and services are basic. The landscape is beautiful but bleak. The activities set ahead of time will be minimal, and the rest will be spontaneous and largely up to us to initiate. Everyone needs to chip in with communal things like food and help keep the spacheship clean. Join us!

Our goal is to make an interesting environment for living and learning, not to make money. In return, we ask you to be present, generous, and open-minded, excellent to one another, and teach us something. (o_ _)ノ彡☆

Volleyball demo lightly adapted from @hardmaru.