Daily Yoga
Freeman will lead a loose yoga session every morning.
Let's make our space beautiful by making a lovely desert garden. The conditions are harsh but life finds a way.
Light painting & projection
Let's play with light... Projection mapping, computer vision, long exposure photography, laser painting. The desert is our canvas.
Collective Intelligence Lab
An open study to research the creative potential of collective intelligence, decentralization, and machine learning. The lab will overlap with the Abraham project.

Philosophy conference
A joint philosophy conference in collaboration with the Bombay Beach Institute of Particle Physics, Metaphysics, & International Relations.
Free solo the palette racks! We are building a bouldering wall onto them.

Ink making
Learn how to extract ink from everyday organic materials and draw with it.
Electric unicycling
Solar paneling
We will supplement our electricity with solar panels. Learn how to harvest renewable energy directly from the sun.
Propose something
Have something to teach us or an activity that's good for a group? Propose something and do it.